A Brief History of The Lakeview Club & Folly Quarter

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The Lakeview Club is located in one of Reisterstown's oldest neighborhoods - the lands of Folly Quarter. Situated on a hilly penninsula surrounded on three sides by Liberty Reservoir, the Lakeview Club sits adjacent to the Manor House. Old records show that the present day Deer Park Road was called that name as far back as 1792 - and that from 1729 to 1746 it was referred to as "The Great Road." The Manor House at Folly Quarter, now a private residence, dates in part from the early 1700's.

An often told story is that one of its early owners rode the long journey of several days to Virginia only to return a few weeks later to find that the local Native Americans had attacked and killed his entire family. The original Fortress that the owners used in defense of these regular attacks still stands adjacent to the manor house and is well preserved. It is believed to have been built in 1650.