Club Rules

Lakeview Club is a membership group with the mission to provide a safe, clean, friendly place. To create and maintain the best environment for this, every member needs to do his or her part by supervising their own children, cleaning up after themselves, following the rules listed below, and complying with the directions of the lifeguards. Thanks for doing your part!

General Rules


  • Run, push, wrestle or disturb others
  • Use lacrosse sticks, lacrosse balls, rollerblades, skateboards, high powered water guns or other equipment or toys that may cause harm
  • Litter
  • Use profanity, make offensive statements or engage in offensive behaviors
  • Smoke anywhere on club grounds except the parking lot
  • Put wet towels or clothing or your wet self on inside furniture
  • Wear indiscreet or offensive clothing
  • Bring glassware on the pool deck
  • Solicit or allow soliciting


  • Play ball in the volleyball and basketball areas or with express permission in other areas
  • Make use of the clubhouse, kitchen, picnic area and grills. No kids under 10 in kitchen area without adult supervision
  • Clean up after yourself by putting away games and equipment and leaving anything you use ready for the next user. Wipe down, clean up, put away and dispose of all trash
  • Vacate the clubhouse and grounds at the posted closing time or when directed to do so by the lifeguard or manager
  • Drive carefully at or near the Club. It is a quiet neighborhood with many walkers and small children

No Dogs

(Sorry Puck...)

Only ADA registered service dogs appropriately leashed or tethered are allowed on Lakeview grounds. No dogs are allowed in the pool.

Download The Complete Rules

Lakeview Club Rules

Pool Rules


  • Swim or be on pool deck unless a lifeguard is on duty and present
  • Bring glassware onto the pool deck
  • Bother or distract the lifeguard on duty
  • Chew gum in the pool area
  • Bring dogs on the pool deck or in the pool
  • Run or rough house in pool area


  • Wear appropriate swim attire – No street clothes or shoes in the pool
  • Vacate the pool when directed to by the lifeguard or manager
  • Obey the lifeguard
  • Supervise your young children in the pool and pool area
  • Put non-toilet trained kids in swim diapers. Fecal matter in pool requires closure